Your Star Citizen Community
In Need of Support

WDG Star Citizen Community is Here For Support:
- Need escorts to protect your mobile assets, Our community members can provide!
- Looking for security, our community members are some of the best in the verse.
- Space is a big place and full of riches; our community can help protect your findings

Exploration & Mining

WDG Community members have vast knowledge in exploration and mining. Organizations with-in the community can not only find riches located through-out the vastness of space, they can mine it as well.

Call on the WDG Community for all your exploration and mining needs!

Our Community has a vase fleet to cover all your needs. Becoming a member of WDG Star Citizen community gives you and your organization access to a vase select of ships and captains.

Join WDG Star Citizen Community to gain access to knowledge, friendship, and community activities.

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